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About the Book

About the Author


The Hook-Up






A Hooked Up Generation

Why Are Internet Pioneers So Important?

The Internet Pioneer Psyche

Hooking Up: Relationships, Sex and Porn

The Third Wave of Women’s Rights Activism

In Spirituality We Trust

The Hidden Messages of Harry Potter

A Socially Conscious Political Force

Politics, Social Issues, Occupy and “IDK”

Education: Every Child Moves Ahead

Television Explains It All

Rock n’ Roll Is Still Here to Stay

Celebutantes, Cewebrities and the Celebrity Cult

Is It All Just a Game?

Children of 9/11

Around the World with Internet Pioneers

Culture Jamming and Internet Memes

Internet Pioneers’ SMS Language

Impact of Wikis, Wikipedia and WikiLeaks

Jobs and Career

Facebook, Google, Trust, Piracy and Privacy

Apple Closes the Loop

Marketing and Internet Pioneers

The Future of the World as We Don’t Know It

Myers Survey of Hooked Up Generation

Definition of Millennials/Generation Y

Google’s One-Size-Fits-All Privacy Policy